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Aerial view of residential skyscrapers made of glass in the city from the top. Below is the road intersection. Housing development and infrastructure concept in modern American city.

Condominium and co-ownership property development has been on the rise over the last decade, and this trend isn’t expected to slow any time soon.  These residential developments are popular and affordable, but they are also subject to rules, regulations and practices that present a unique set of challenges.

In the last decade, an average of nearly 10,000 condominium and co-ownership properties have been built in Quebec each year. These properties align with current demographic trends and attract a wide variety of owners, ranging from young professionals to new retirees, from small families to foreign investors. However, co-ownership properties, whether divided or undivided, present inherent and distinct development challenges. From cadastral plan to declaration of co-ownership, understanding the laws and provisions that regulate condominium and co-ownership property construction, operation, marketing, sale and purchase is crucial to success.

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