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Corporate Financial Restructuring.

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When faced with stiff competition, unfavourable economic conditions and any number of unforeseen disruptive events, your company’s stability may falter. Our lawyers, aided by licensed insolvency professionals, have a number of tools at their disposal to help you prepare and negotiate a restructuring plan with your creditors. 

Our team can quickly identify the factors that are preventing your company from performing optimally and find solutions to financial and operational disruptions. All the while, we make sure to reduce risk and protect your company’s value without hindering your business activities. We can help you refinance your operations through DIP loans and quickly and effectively execute action plans to improve your company’s performance. 

With the help of our lawyers, you will come to see that both formal and informal financial restructuring mechanisms can give your company a fresh start and help you face future challenges. We can show you how to restructure your debt before you pass the point of no return.

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