Estate Litigation.

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The time after a death is difficult to deal with, especially if a dispute arises. Estate litigation professionals are key to helping you handle everything quickly and sensitively. 

In the context of a death or a protection mandate or when managing assets, emotions can run high and disputes can quickly arise between beneficiaries, family members or business partners. To help you avoid issues during these difficult times, our professionals support you by implementing preventive measures and resolving estate and financial disputes. We provide liquidators, trustees, beneficiaries and agents with sound advice for administering the property of others, an estate, a protection mandate or a trust. 

Our lawyers can also support you in a wide variety of situations, such as auditing wills, homologating or contesting a protection mandate, obtaining a declaratory judgment, amending a trust, appointing or replacing a liquidator or trustee, and other procedures aiming to protect vulnerable persons from financial abuses.

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