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Real Estate Litigation.

Aerial view of residential skyscrapers made of glass in the city from the top. Below is the road intersection. Housing development and infrastructure concept in modern American city.

Real estate is a broad field that involves a wide range of stakeholders, including lessors, tenants, managers, owners, developers, promoters, builders and investors. The number of stakeholders drastically increases the probability of a dispute. You can save yourself many headaches by seeking the counsel of our experienced real estate litigation lawyers.

Owners, co-owners, lenders, investors, condominium associations, promoters, lessors, tenants and real estate managers deal with a multitude of challenges on a daily basis. We are true professionals in the field and can help our clients with disputes arising from purchase and sales agreements, commercial leases, mortgage recourses, service contracts, or cases involving injunctions, seizures, and other extraordinary remedies.

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