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Don’t wait until retirement to start planning your estate. Successful estate planning will help you minimize your tax burden, protect your wealth and take care of your loved ones. It’s an essential component of every successful wealth planning strategy.

Specialized and objective tax advice enables you to better protect your wealth and ensure the success of any transaction, whether you are passing a business down to the next generation, to an existing leadership team, or to a third party. Our tax lawyers craft the best strategies to reduce, defer or even eliminate taxes upon death through proactive tax and estate planning.

We often advise entrepreneurs that trusts are among the most advantageous structures in Canada for tax and estate planning purposes, whether as a company’s shareholder or a simple asset holding entity. Our team will do everything in its power to reduce your tax burden, protect your wealth, select optimal insurance products, settle a trust, orchestrate an estate freeze transaction and draft your last will, protection mandate or power of attorney.

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