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Whatever your needs, we understand your growth plans are vital to your business and can maximize your chances of finding the best financing.

Whether you wish to modernize your equipment, merge with a competitor, pass your business down to the next generation or expand your services across the country, our lawyers leverage their corporate financing expertise to help you get the capital you need.

Thanks to our close business relationships with the province’s largest financial institutions and creditors, we are able to offer independent and unbiased advice to help you choose the right financial partner.

Our lawyers can also advise you on the best type of financing for your situation, whether that involves a loan, stocks, venture capital or any other kind of non-traditional private financing.

With us, there are no limits to your project. Our international affiliations give you access to certified legal professionals in over 175 cities around the globe.

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Our team brings together the perfect blend of expertise and creativity. We leverage our complementary skills to meet all your legal needs through an integrated and multidisciplinary approach.

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