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Our urban spaces are changing rapidly, and it is sometimes hard to understand the laws, regulations, policies and guidelines that apply in each municipality. Our professionals can help you find your way and protect your investments.

Whether you’re dealing with zoning, subdivisions, land use planning or acquired rights, an informed strategy can save you a lot of trouble. As municipal law specialists, we guide real estate developers through the process of obtaining discretionary authorizations, including applications for minor variance, site planning and architectural integration programs (PIIAs), specific construction, alteration or occupancy proposals for an immovable (PPCMOIs) and zoning changes. We are also actively involved in the due diligence process for real estate transactions.

We can help you judicially review the various actions and decisions made by public authorities through an appeal for judicial review, including mandamus, and advise you on the legality, applicability and scope of municipal planning by-laws.

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