Léa Couture-Thériault to be panellist at the Montréal Real Estate Strategy and Leasing Conference on October 6, 2021

Montréal, September 21, 2021 – On October 6, 2021, Real Estate Litigation Lawyer Léa Couture-Thériault will take part in a virtual panel at the Montréal Real Estate Strategy and Leasing Conference. She will participate in the session entitled When the Commercial Lease Hits a Major Roadblock: Insolvency & Covid Case Law Primer. Together with the other panellists, Léa Couture-Thériault will explore the payment of commercial rents in uncertain times, such as the current pandemic situation. Drawing on Québec case law from the past year, this session will address several issues that are critical to anyone involved in facilities management, lease administration, rent recovery/rent relief negotiations and tenant insolvency proceedings.

A member of the Real Estate Litigation team, Léa Couture-Thériault handles disputes between commercial building owners and tenants, helping the parties navigate lease interpretation, rent payment and mutual obligation fulfillment.

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