François Beauchamp and Etienne Chauvin will be keynote speakers at the annual CEGQ congress

Montreal, January 5, 2023 – On February 15, François Beauchamp and Etienne Chauvin, partners in construction law, will present a conference entitled ” limite des pouvoirs d’un organisme public quant au droit de soumissionner des entrepreneurs ” at the annual ” L’entrepreneur général en tête ” congress of the Corporation des Entrepreneurs Généraux du Québec (CEGQ).

Inspired by the recent Construction Socam ltée c. City of Laval decision, François Beauchamp and Etienne Chauvin will guide entrepreneurs on the concept of ineligibility to submit tenders, the limits of such power for public bodies and the way for entrepreneurs to assert their rights in such a situation.

Regarding the speakers:

François Beauchamp, a well-known litigator, represents the province’s largest contractors as well as bonding companies for decades. With an impeccable work ethic, he is dedicated to his clients and is frequently invited by various industry associations.

Etienne Chauvin, co-head of the Construction Law group, represents general and specialized contractors and consortiums in litigation before all courts in Quebec. He advises his clients at all stages of a construction file and acts in matters of professional and civil liability.

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