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De Grandpré Chait Rewards the Academic Excellence of two Law Students at Université De Montréal

Montréal, September 29, 2021 – For several years now, De Grandpré Chait has encouraged the academic success of law students at Québec universities by awarding various scholarships for excellence. We wish to congratulate Anita-Noellie Badaku-Kpalley and Dahlia Hodge, Bachelor of Laws students at the Université De Montréal, who were awarded the De Grandpré Chait Prize for achieving the highest standing in the Business Law course. They will share a $1,500 scholarship.

At De Grandpré Chait, excellence is an integral part of our values. Doing things the right way is not enough for us. Excellence requires innovation, questioning and exceeding expectations. We know that the law curriculum is demanding thus, we are proud to reward these students who have exceeded expectations.

Note that other awards for academic excellence will be presented throughout the year at other universities and for other courses.