De Grandpré Chait appointed Camille Lefebvre, Brian Moulaison, Austin del Rio and Eric Lupovich as partners

Montreal, February 16th, 2022 – De Grandpré Chait is pleased to announce the appointment of four of its lawyers as partners as of February 1, 2023.

Our new partners

Passionate and conscientious, Camille Lefebvre focuses her practice on civil and commercial litigation. Camille demonstrates a great ability to understand the issues, to quickly identify the needs of each party, and to provide an accurate overall picture of the current situation. Never losing sight of the objectives, Camille is undoubtedly a rising star in her field of expertise.

Brian Moulaison is a member of the tax litigation team, and he focuses his practice on tax, commercial, and civil litigation. Mastering the procedures and extraordinary remedies applicable to such litigation, while ensuring that his clients’ needs are a top priority, Brian is unquestionably a brilliant and caring lawyer on the way to becoming a reference in his practice area.

As a member of the tax law team, Austin del Rio focuses his practice on tax and estate planning, both for businesses and individuals. With his experience in international taxation, Austin has a perfect mastery of cross-border investments. With a dynamic and creative approach to his practice, Austin enriches the quality of services offered by our tax law sector.

Eric Lupovich is a key member of the real estate law team. A talented and versatile notary, Eric collaborates on various files and supports the team by meeting their notarial needs. Eric’s meticulous approach and experience in traditional notarial practice make him an outstanding collaborator.

These appointments are a testament to the work and diligence of our lawyers, and we are proud of their professional development. We are convinced they will continue to contribute to our clients’ success.