De Grandpré Chait ensures secure sharing of documents with iManage

Montréal, July 13, 2016 – With confidentiality at the heart of its activities, De Grandpré Chait is committed to offering the highest level of protection to its clients. This objective becomes even more crucial in cyberspace where security is sometimes lacking. This is why De Grandpré Chait has chosen the document-sharing system iManage Share, which provides a clear competitive advantage over its competitors.

By proposing a greater level of protection than most popular cloud-based file storage and sharing solutions, iManage Share combines security and intuitive use without compromising collaboration, a critical component of every client relationship. Thanks to this platform specially designed for legal firms, our lawyers are able to share confidential documents with their national and international peers and clients, without any concern for security and confidentiality.

With incredible ease of deployment, the system offers greater accessibility, well beyond traditional document management systems. Constantly innovating its practice to optimize its services, De Grandpré Chait is proud to offer its clients a sharing system that is flexible, accessible and, above all, safe to use.