CEGQ 2021 Congress: François Beauchamp and Etienne Chauvin explore the legal and practical aspects of a construction site

Montreal, February 16, 2021 – As part of the Corporation des entrepreneurs généraux du Québec 2021 Conference held virtually until February 19, our partners François Beauchamp and Etienne Chauvin held a conference on February 8 titled Stay or Go? When Nothing Goes Right on a Construction Site… Legal and Practical Aspects.

The conference focused on the options available to the contractor when he encounters unpredictable conditions substantially and drastically affecting the scope of his obligations. Can he leave the construction site? And if he does, what will be the consequences?

They also discussed the Civil Code of Québec’s rules that allow a contractor to resiliate a contract as well as the contractual modifications parties can make.. They ended their conference with an overview of case law to give participants a more concrete perspective on the matters discussed.