Canada will accept a record number of Parents and Grandparents Program applications in 2021

The Government of Canada, through the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, has announced that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will accept a record number of up to 30,000 applications for the Parents and Grandparents Program in 2021, which represents the triple of  applications received last year. The Parent Grandparent Program, exclusive to Canada, allows Canadians and permanent residents to reunify with their family.

From now on, the process will be entirely electronic, which will simplify the application process and will also speed up waiting times while respecting pandemic health policies.

It is important to note that to reach the 30,000 applications, a larger number of interested parties will be invited to submit applications, even those who have already submitted an interest in 2020. Those invited to apply will be selected randomly using the same procedure as in previous years. Invitations will be sent out over a period of two weeks after September 20, and once received recipients will have a 60-day period to respond. Those who did not receive an invitation will be eligible for a super visa, which allows the parent or grandparent to stay in Canada for up to two years at a time, for a total of 10 years with multiple entries.

For any additional questions regarding the Parent and Grandparent Program, we invite you to contact our professionals in immigration.