Canada-U.S. Border Closure Extended

The Government of Canada announced that it has reached an agreement with the United States government to extend for 30 more days the closure of the common border to all non-essential trips. This decision means that, pending further notice, the closing will be effective from last April 21 until next November 21.*

Additionally, the Prime Minister announced that it is possible that the border remains closed for “several months”, which means the definitive term is still under review, although both countries may reopen in certain parts and to other countries, he indicated.

The announcement comes amid speculation caused by the President of the United States when he declared that he was willing to relax the closure of the border with Canada.

The Canadian Government declared that any decisions on Canada’s borders will be made by Canadians, and that maintaining the border closure is in the best interest of “both sides.”

It is important to highlight that the measure does not affect the transportation of trade products between the United States and Canada nor health or essential sector workers who live on one side of the border and work on the other side. Tourism and visitation trips are restricted, which affects many Canadians and Americans who have their family in the neighbouring country, or families who were separated unexpectedly by the shutdown measures.

Finally, he clarified that the decisions related to the epidemic must be taken quickly to avoid the maximum possible damage, so they are constantly under review according to what happens everywhere in the world, since the opening of the borders allows the entry of international travellers when there are still several countries fighting in the worst stage of the pandemic. He clarified that when the borders will reopen it will be under strict measures at the beginning, seeking a return to normality, and that before speaking of normality at international borders it must be achieved at the internal borders of Canada.

For any question concerning the closure of the Canada-United States border for non-essential travel, we invite you to contact our immigration team.

*Updated on October 19, 2020