An environment in which to develop your expertise.

Professional development is at the heart of our corporate culture. If you choose to join us, you will work alongside genuine pillars of the legal community and be trained according to the very highest industry standards. Because with us, success is a collective achievement.

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An entrepreneurial culture to help you build your clientele.

In our firm, not only will you become an excellent lawyer, you will also become a legal entrepreneur. You will have the opportunity to expand your network of contacts, sharpen your business acumen and develop your entrepreneurial flair. We foster entrepreneurship that goes beyond mere words.

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Business Acumen.

You like taking action. And you know how to seize opportunities when you see them, transform challenges into opportunities and keep the focus on the client. You’re strategic and you like to get things done. You motivate people around you and make a real difference. For you, business acumen is innate.


Honesty is an integral part of your DNA and a guarantee of your credibility. It dictates your every decision and guides each one of your actions. In this sphere, no compromise is possible. Respect, dignity and honesty are not empty words; they are the values that define who you are. 

Team Spirit.

For you, being part of a team means knowing how to actively work toward collective success while promoting the common good. It means knowing how to rely on your colleagues while contributing to the reputation of your team and knowing how to rally others around an idea while being open to contrary opinions. You are a true team player: while you are aware that you could move faster alone, you know that you can go further with others.

A Client-Oriented Approach.

Your actions and decisions are consistently guided by the desire to look out for your clients’ best interests, regardless of whether said clients are internal or external. By putting your clients first, you succeed in cultivating, preserving and, above all, being worthy of their trust. For you, the only true reward is their full and complete satisfaction. 


Although you like to work in a team, you are perfectly capable of managing complex files, dealing with the unexpected and making decisions on your own. With a keen sense of initiative, you deliver the goods. 


Whether in the workplace or in your community, there are no doubts about your commitment. You believe that everyone must get involved in order to make a difference. As a result, you enjoy participating in organizational activities, serving on boards of directors, networking, and participating in charitable fundraising campaigns. You take pride in being able to contribute and make a difference. 

Looking for an articling position?

We are proud to take part in the articling race among Québec’s major universities. For law students, the articling race represents the perfect opportunity to live a concrete experience within a law firm. This first professional experience will mark the beginning of your career and might greatly influence the rest of it. That is why it is important to choose an internship that is right for you and, most importantly, to choose a firm that is right for you.

De Grandpré Chait is made up of unique individuals with multiple talents.
Whatever your passions, we are looking for exceptional people. Get a good head start by finding the perfect fit.

To join in this process, which begins in February, send us your cover letter, curriculum vitae and a copy of all your university transcripts via the viRecruit portal at

Be sure to come and meet us at the Interfaculty Career Day. 
For more details, please contact your faculty. 

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Our diversity is our unifying force.

We believe that diversity is a defining characteristic of Canadian and Québécoise society and that it is an undeniable advantage for everyone. Deeply committed to this principle, we are proud to note that our team is made up of people from all walks of life who, through their unique experiences and singular perspectives, enhance our workplace. 

By promoting respect and equal opportunity, we ensure that our team is united and that each member can actively contribute to and benefit from our collective success. By maintaining a climate of respect, fairness and professionalism, we are able to promote innovation and leadership by utilizing the talents and abilities of all, regardless of cultural heritage, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation or identity, or age. 

The diversity that characterizes our team enriches us while making us stronger. We are proud to offer an inclusive, representative and diverse work environment that attracts candidates of all backgrounds. We invite you to join us. 

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Financial support.

We provide significant financial support to a wide range of charities in the form of donations or sponsorships. In addition to these funds, our team members invest time and energy through their voluntary participation in the many activities and fundraising campaigns of these organizations. We strongly encourage all members of our team to get involved in causes that are close to their heart and promote them within their business network.

Assisting the next generation.

Interested in representing the interests of young professionals who are trying to carve out a place for themselves in the Montréal business scene, our lawyers offer mentoring sessions, conferences and discussion workshops for young entrepreneurs. We also ensure the future of our profession by supporting the next generation through scholarships and sponsorships for the province’s law schools.

Our pledge to future generations.

As climate change is already being felt around the world, everyone must do their part to combat it. We have implemented various effective and proven measures aimed at reducing our ecological footprint, adopting sustainable development practices and promoting healthy lifestyles. Our internal environmental protection committee ensures the concrete application of green initiatives that enable us to contribute to current environmental and climate issues. 

Whether it’s a matter of reducing our energy consumption, promoting the use of active and collective transportation among our employees or reducing our amount of waste, our desire to improve collectively is unequivocal. 

Knowledge sharing and pro bono advice.

Convinced that knowledge is an asset in and of itself, our professionals make a point of sharing their advanced expertise with the people who really need it. Our lawyers, who sit on the boards of directors of numerous non-profits, support the management of various organizations through the development of strategic action plans and the implementation of effective and transparent governance initiatives and practices. 

Committed to improving equal access to justice, our lawyers provide free legal advice to the most vulnerable populations, defend public interest causes and offer pro bono legal services to certain organizations. 

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