Distribution and Retail Trade

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Although online trade is becoming increasingly popular, consumers still appreciate the experiential aspect of a store visit. Merchants must therefore refine their physical presence while rapidly integrating new technologies. 

From traditional stores to social media, the management of numerous sales channels involves a number of legal and legislative concerns. Such concerns include intellectual property compliance (to which every merchant is subject), packaging procedures, website terms and conditions, regulations related to advertising and contests on social networks, mass data management and cybersecurity. 

In parallel with marketing activities, distribution and import-export practices are at the forefront of these changes, while requests are constantly increasing and the time to respond is getting shorter. Moreover, since goods do not yet fall from the sky, many stakeholders are involved in the distribution chain. Such stakeholders include manufacturing agents, product licensees, franchisees and affiliated dealers or merchants. 

It is imperative that each of these business relationships are protected by clear contracts, sound corporate policies, reliable commercial leases and duly negotiated agreements. Trust our team to help you accomplish all of the above: like you, our team members pride themselves on delivering the goods.

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