Real Estate.


The real estate industry is redefining itself, and spatial appeal is no longer being measured exclusively in square metres, but also in services offered. 

Commercial, industrial, mixed-use and residential buildings must now meet the high expectations of consumers who are changing their life, work and even purchasing habits. Major socio-demographic trends like co-working, online shopping and solo living are transforming the way buildings are designed and used. 

Add to that the host of environmental challenges and issues related to operating costs, energy efficiency, mixed spaces, foreign investors, municipal regulations, urban land scarcity and skilled worker shortages. Although the industry continues to grow, societal changes have a big impact on its development.

Whether you are an owner, investor, promoter, developer, lender or landlord, our teams can guide you through these changes and offer valuable advice. Our lawyers understand that reinvented spaces require fresh expertise, and keep up to date with the industry. From blueprint to ribbon cutting, they help you find the best solutions for your projects.