Marie-Laure Leclercq Ad. E. is interviewed for her expertise in business law

Montreal, October 3, 2022 – Les Affaires magazine called on the advice of Marie Laure Leclercq Ad. E., business law counsel, in an article published on September 21. In this article aimed at start-ups, she highlighted the importance for a start-up company to call upon a business lawyer in order to better clarify its business strategies and objectives.

About Marie Laure Leclercq Ad. E.

Recognized for her great expertise, Marie Laure has been accompanying companies in all their business projects for over 30 years.

An avant-gardist and a true technology enthusiast, she works in several fields such as artificial intelligence or information technology, but also in other highly evolving fields such as agri-food, textiles or armaments.

Involved in various organizations, Marie Laure stays abreast of the trends and changes in this highly evolving industry and works hard to contribute to its advancement.

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