Avianor and DRAKKAR become partners: wise negotiations thanks to De Grandpré Chait

Montréal, March 25, 2019 – De Grandpré Chait would like to highlight the partnership agreement between Avianor and DRAKKAR finalized on March 1st. Avianor, a major company in the Québec aerospace industry, specializing in the assembly, maintenance of aircrafts and their components as well as in the manufacturing and engineering of cabin modifications, will benefit from the advice of DRAKKAR, a world-renowned company specialized in outsourcing, to accelerate its strategic growth plan.

In the negotiations between the two parties, Avianor was represented by De Grandpré Chait, whose team of lawyers included Jean-Didier Bussières, head of the Commercial Transaction sector, Steffi Georges, Marc Rubin and Virginia Lam.

To read the official press release on this transaction, click here.