Strategic expansion: De Grandpré Chait encourages face-to-face collaboration in its new workspace

Montreal, December 7, 2023 – De Grandpré Chait is delighted to announce the opening of its additional offices. These new spaces, located on the 25th floor of its head office at 800 René-Lévesque Boulevard West in Montreal, offer an opportunity for the firm’s growth. With 22 new offices and 12 open-plan workstations, this expansion will accommodate its current team of 163 and then some.

Contrary to the current trend of companies downsizing workspaces, De Grandpré Chait decided to invest and increase its office space to ensure an optimal environment for its growing team. In particular, this addition allows each lawyer to benefit from a non-shared office. This decision demonstrates a commitment and desire to create a dynamic, stimulating and collaborative culture.

While many organizations have adopted telecommuting as a permanent solution, we encourage a return to face-to-face work, especially for our lawyers. That’s why it was essential for us to build these new offices and avoid the need for them to be reserved for each presence, constituting a hindrance to collaboration. We firmly believe that physical proximity encourages spontaneous interaction, team cohesion and the exchange of ideas. Nevertheless, we remain flexible and respect the hybrid balance for staff members, allowing them flexibility between face-to-face and remote working.” Martin Raymond, Managing Partner.

These renovations reflect De Grandpré Chait’s recognition of its employees and its commitment to providing outstanding customer service.