Marie-Ève Côté


Marie-Ève Côté will remedy your situation, quickly and efficiently.

Having initially specialized in the verification of real estate titles and the enforcement of judgements resulting from mortgage remedies, Marie-Ève manages the collection of mortgage-backed securities and unsecured debts on behalf of financial institutions, with respect to personal loans, credit debts, automobile loan debts and lines of credit, in addition to negotiating with debtors.

A limitless source of information, Marie-Ève has the ability to conduct exhaustive searches in a multitude of databases, including the Register of Personal and Movable Real Rights (RPMRR), the Land Register, the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, and various judicial registers. She is thus adept at drafting various legal proceedings and registering documents related to the establishment of security interests, their renewal and their cancellation in various registers. Thanks to Marie-Ève’s experience, you’re in good hands.