De Grandpré Chait and GWBR Create a New Tax Law Powerhouse

Montréal, June 21, 2021 – De Grandpré Chait and GWBR are proud to announce that they are joining forces to create one of the leading tax law groups in Québec.

As of August 1, 2021, Francine Wiseman, Matthew Bilmes, Aaron Rodgers, Marc Ian Leiter, Brian Moulaison and Lucas Richard Gérard will join De Grandpré Chait’s already strong Tax Law and Business Law teams to create a group of professionals with even greater depth and a wider range of expertise.

“Beyond the skills and numerous recognitions of these new lawyers, it’s a sense of shared human and professional values that made the creation of this incredible new tax law team possible,” said Martin Raymond, Partner and Vice-President of the board of directors, De Grandpré Chait.

Over the last decade, GWBR has become a leader in tax law, in particular in tax and estate planning, tax litigation and transactional law.

“When De Grandpré Chait approached us to join them, we were impressed by their entrepreneurial spirit and their wide range of knowledge and experience. It was apparent that they were the natural choice to bring us to the next level” said Matthew Bilmes, a founding member and partner of GWBR.

In addition to the lawyers joining De Grandpré Chait’s Tax Law and Business Law teams, Judith Cohen and Haviva Yesgat will be joining its Litigation group to complement it with family law legal services.

Drawing on GWBR’s expertise in tax, estate and business law and De Grandpré Chait’s strength in real estate, business, construction, tax, litigation, municipal and expropriation, and insolvency and restructuring law, our new team, including over 20 tax law professionals, will have the capacity and ability to serve the needs of the business community like no other law firm in Québec

De Grandpre Chait’s is growing to better listen, advise and assist its clients.