SMEs and Start-ups

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Regardless of their stage of development, all companies will have to recruit a labour force, obtain financing or increase their market share sooner or later. 

Far from being simplistic, these steps are often crucial to a company’s development. Especially since companies already have to manage significant operating cost increases and the constant pressure for increased productivity, while at the same time facing the digital transformation and the significant costs associated with modernizing equipment and facilities. 

These short and medium-term challenges are numerous. Fortunately, so are their solutions. 

Whether you are in the start-up or growth phase, our team can advise you on a multitude of issues, from recruitment to project financing, not to mention the organization of your business model, your business succession and/or tax issues. 

Resolutely convinced of how much SMEs contribute to Québec’s social and economic wealth, we are at your side to boost your momentum. 

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