The directors and officers of a corporation must always act honestly and in good faith. Their reputation and that of the company are intricately linked. Any fault on their part can have serious repercussions on the future of their company and can make them accountable to governments, creditors and shareholders.

As a CEO, board member or officer of a public or private company or a non-profit organization, you are responsible for your decisions and actions. Conflicts of interest, questionable decisions and mismanagement are all wrongdoings for which you can be held accountable. Whether unfounded or not, these complaints and lawsuits can cost your organization dearly. Knowing your fiduciary duties and responsibilities as a manager and being aware of the parties to whom you are accountable is of utmost importance. 

Our legal professionals can offer preventive advice to protect your reputation and that of your company, regardless of its size, from any allegation of negligent conduct.

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